Thursday, August 16, 2007

Phoenix hip-hop phenoms Peddling Artifacts Live began about one year ago at an underground hip-hop show in Tempe, Arizona. Stretch has been in the game for 15 years producing albums and making beats. Jwit has been in a few crews around Phoenix as well has years under his belt. Stretch was just finishing up his own solo album when he met Jwit the witness and boooooom, PA Live was arose from the ashes. Peddling Artifacts Live is a hip hop act with 2 emcees that harmonize and spit inteligent yet still street savvy spitfire rhymes. Also with Ali Tuesday singing backups and hooks the plate is very full with this quartet. DJ Postal is on the 1's And 2's shredding the turntable like a ginsu knife. Peddling Artifacts Live.

Referred to by both the media and his fans as a prophet, innovator, and poet, the emcee widely known as Killah Priest is widely recognized as one of the most vivid lyricists in Hip Hop. Priest (as he prefers being called now) first entranced listeners on the classic track B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) on GZAs seminal debut LP Liquid Swords, Priest has continued to enthrall devotees of true Hip Hop with his lush imagery, graphic storytelling and razor-sharp rhymes.

Born Walter Reed and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, he began immersing himself in spiritual discovery and the acquisition of knowledge long before he touched a microphone, spending long hours studying religion and history as a child and a teen. He fondly recalls initiating impromptu Bible study sessions and Ancient History lessons on the streets of Brooklyn while he was still in high school. That early exposure and continuing education- interwoven with his personal experiences in his Bed-Stuy projects- still resonates in his lyrics today.

His childhood friendships with Wu-Tang's GZA and Onyx's Suave exposed him to pursuing music as a career. His mesmerizing wordplay on B.I.B.L.E. prompted Geffen Records to offer him a recording contract. That resulting album - Heavy Mental, remains a by all a hip hop classic

Priest's appearance on Red Hot organization's 6th AIDS charity album "America Is Dying Slowly" (Priest created the title's acronym) further established him as one of the most respected voices and visionaries in Hip Hop. His stature is evident in the company he keeps, having recorded and/or performed with music legends both within and outside of Hip Hop (George Clinton, Big Daddy Kane, Earth Wind and Fire, KRS-One, Wyclef Jean, Elephant Man, and DJ Spooky) and appearing on the 2003 Led Zeppelin tribute album Stairway To Rock alongside Quincy Jones, Carlos Santana, Stevie Wonder, Alanis Morisette, Metallica and Slash.

Priest's 2nd, 3rd and 4th albums, "View From Masada" (released on MCA which heavily featured production by then-unknown producer Just Blaze), "Priesthood" (released on his own Proverbs Records) and "Black August" (Recon) all garnered excellent reviews.

His latest outing, the highly anticipated "The Offering", is undoubtedly his greatest work yet and features an exciting lineup of collaborators both on production and on the mic. "The Offering" is finshed and ready to go!

San Francisco brings something out of people, something beautiful. And somewhere between the early hours at their hole-in-the-wall cafe jobs, and the late night deliveries from Mr. Pizza Man, The Instant Messengerscrafted their first full-length album, "Kill the Image". It was the longest, most hair-pulling, argument-filled, musical extravaganza they had ever embarked on. And it would take them two years to release it. Before they had even finished writing all the songs for the album, they were joined by what you could call a fifth member, who knew a few folks, and had some good ideas. This cat hooked them up with a showcase at Dim Mak Records, they had 15 minutes. After three songs performed in the living room of the record label's house/office, in front of owner Steve Aoki, photographer Mark the Cobrasnake, and various others, The Instant Messengers were applauded and sent on their way. Later they would find out that Dim Mak records' opinion was that they were "too emo". Fucking hilarious! I don't think they cared much about being "too emo", we could all use some heart over our break beats. The fifth member was working as a manager, and had a hook with The Living Legends. They put together a sampler composed of old shit and solo shit, gave it to The Grouch, who probably didn't think it was all that great, but hooked them up with some shows anyways.

After having their car stolen in Las Vegas from the parking lot of a convention center where they were promoting the release of their album and selling their merchandise, the boys took a GreyHound home. But it didn't stop their drive. Literally, they borrowed a two door Honda Civic DX (which means it's like the worst version of that model made), and five of them packed in it and drove 22 hours to Colorado... to play two shows with The Living Legends... for free. I don't care who you are, if you could even dream of rocking crowds as hard as these boys did, you would take notice... And The Grouch did. They opened up for The Legends at The Abbey Theater in Durango, and at The Fox Theater in Boulder, in front of two sold out crowds who had no idea who the The Instant Messengers were. By the end of the night, show-goers walked home wearing a limited edition "Kill the Image" hoodie they had bought for 60 bucks a pop.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Purest Form member A-Quil ventures the solo route with his 2006 EP release "Undeniable." It features seven passionate tracks, with production from Purest Form's Dialek, and Copenhagen, Denmarks own Sicknature.

A crew of self-promoted cats from San Diego, California. Don't really know much about this crew. Even their myspace doesn't have any info. Ill give you my breakdown of this. The beats are basic but still have a nice flow to them. The lyrics are most definitely on point. This is not your typical West Coast hip-hop. The have thought provoked and intelligent lyrics. These cats dont have any major label telling them how to alter and twist their music. This, in my opinion, is the best thing for hip-hop. To not have some suit telling an artist how to make their art. An artist with the freedom to make their music the way they envisioned. I encourage everyone to give this a listen and if you even like this just a little, go to their myspace and buy their CD directly from them. None of your investment is going to some exec. This is 100% the artist selling themselves and if you want to hear more be sure to show your love...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

X:144 & SPS embodies nothing more than true deconstructive invention. Hand over the turntables and microphone and they will show you how to use the instruments of truth properly. Masterminds of their generation, they combine skill and a prime lyrical form to create a sound like no other.

In their separate unions they were giants in the underground of Orlando’s music scene. X:144 & SPS soon joined together in 2005 to mark a milestone in underground hip hop. Now the duo has become a colossal entity tearing up stages, charts and battlegrounds. With their release of M.E. in 2006 these two men have been busy to make sure everyone is touched by the sounds of vinyl tipping scratches and head bobbing lyrics.

X:144 & SPS have performed with Mr. Lif, J-Live, The Procussions, Strange Fruit Project, Sol.illaquists of Sound and countless others. They also come fully equipped with battle titles from Lounge Battles 5 Producer of the Year for X:144 to the 2006 Universal Zulu Nation Supremacy Champion for DJ SPS. This energetic duo combines wit, musicianship and old school hip hop values that create balance in a world where the ever expanding unsteadiness of commercial rap has infiltrated.

Monday, August 6, 2007
There really isnt much info on this guy. You should be able to tell just from some of the titles and featuring cast what type of music to expect. With tracks like "Prophets Of Doom" feat. Mr. Hyde and "Anatomy Of A Horror" Flick feat. Esoteric you should expect that horror-core style. Ive never been big on this brand of Hip-Hop myself. The CD isnt bad, if you like the style Necro and company have made famous. Give it a listen and form your own opinion. I know a few people have been asking for this, so i put it up. I prefer the more mellow, thought provoking, mental Hip-Hop but this is sure good to listen to when your pissed off or working out. However, i just pop in a violent metal CD for those moments. Either way, here it is...Not much to say about this until i give it more of a listen but im in no hurry.

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A very hungry mc/producer and independent musician. With group success already with Artists Over Industry where as an MC/Produce. Debut solo album entitled "I Have Arrived" dropping this summer. About 50% of this album was produced by Upstate NYs MikeiLL. He Mcs/Produces for his own group State Live from also Upstate NY. He offers a very "RAW" sound witch goes perfect with my harsh style. WindchILL is an in your face kinda MC and he makes those serious beats, its a beautiful blend. MikeiLL has 6 production credits on "I Have Arrived" and every one is worthy of a broken neck. Also another up coming legend in the game J.J. Brown produced the track called "Pay Homage" where they intertwine song titles and album names from your favorite hip hop artists into the rhymes. J.J. Brown along with his 5 G Platinum Productions crew have also Produced for the likes of Louis Logic, Apathy, Ludacris, The Lost Boys just to name a few. A hand full of other producers including Big Gard of A.O.I., Tempt(York PA), Breakbeat(NY) and Epic(HBG PA) round out the soundscapes. Oh and WindchILL produced a couple tracks too!! Guest Mcs though minimal are still on point. Inkwell of A.O.I., Apollos Sun, Phynite, and S.L. of Repeat Offenders does it for guest Mcs. One last treat on the album for you. She goes by the name LaDii J and her voice speaks for itself.

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See previous release for info regarding the group...This is their first CD.

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Brooklyn-basedProducer/MC J.Bless and Oakland, California-based front-man MC/SingerSeasunz combine production and vocal talents to create a unique brandof jazz, soul and reggae influenced hip-hop in their firstcollaborative album. J.Bless has produced and recorded extensively withthe Maspyke crew [Bukarance Records]. J.Bless’ work has also beenfeatured on various compilations, including the recent track “SpeakingWith Rhymes (Dub)” off Basement Soul – Volume 1 [UniqueUncut Records,England], which is currently being charted on various radio shows inthe US and Europe. Frontman emcee and vocalist Seasunz is also part ofthe acclaimed Bay Area hip-hop/reggae group, the Wisdom Creations Band[Wisdom Creations], which tours extensively throughout the West Coast,performing with the likes of KRS-One and VP Records reggae artistsAnthony B. and Warrior King. Seasunz has also collaborated with BayArea breaks DJ and Producer Lorin Bassnectar on various recordings andperformances. Guest spots on the album include Tableek of Maspyke[Bukarance Records], Emilio Rojas a/k/a Raks One [Wax Reform], WesRestless of the Chicago-based group Dynamic Vibrations, andmulti-instrumentalist Gordon Rubin on sax and flute.

Whenone sees the phrase hip-hop hybrid, the question arises: "what's theother half?" For J. Bless & Seasunz, it's soul music, so one mighthear a bit of Mos Def, Slum Village, The Roots, The Pharcyde, or NubianM.O.B. in their style. Together, they go by the name Solar Stereo, andwith tracks such as "Song For Artists", "Break Silence", and "LongRoad", they're a group that play around with the concept of duality.One MC comes from Oakland, the other from Brooklyn, so that's anotherhybrid to add to their mix. They talk about life, true life, not amanufactured Hollywood motion picture, and in terms of metaphors, theseguys got it like New Kids. You want to worship the notebooks they writein, but one feels a bit intimidated by doing so. They are easy going,don't mind slapping people around subliminally, and the listener wantsto pack a few things to be able to follow their paths of rhythm. Thealbum is formatted well, never any B.S. or fluff, just pure, qualityhip-hop.

Debut album from renowned Adelaide battle MC DAMO, produced entirely by SIMPLEX from TERRA FIRMA/CERTIFIED WISE (HILLTOP HOODS extended crew). DAMO's flows are packed with hilarious punchlines, controversial pop culture references, conspiracy theory allusions and insightful observations - comparable in subject matter and sense of humour to an early Eminem, but with his own distinct, intelligent Australian flow. DAMO has entered and won numerous MC battles around Australia, including the Out4Fame Battle 4 Supremacy (featured on 2004 DVD release), Channel V Aussie Friggin' Hip Hop Battle and more. SIMPLEX produced TERRA FIRMA's critically acclaimed album Waking The Past and has produced for HILLTOP HOODS ("Monsters Ball" from The Hard Road and "What A Great Night" remix), CHOPPER, REASON and tracks on all three Culture of Kings compilations. Scratches by DJ DYEMS (Culture of Kings, Hilltop Hoods, Terra Firma) and DJ STAEN-1 (3x Australian DMC champ and DELTA's tour DJ).
The files are about to be declassified! Adelaide's fiercest battle rapper is Damo, an MC who unleashes a torrential storm of similes that leaves no name in Australian public life undrenched. This material is so devastating that government agencies have fought to keep it under wraps, but thanks to the production work of Simplex (Terra Firma, Certified Wise) these blistering verses will now see the light of day. The truth is out there in this first release from Simplex's new Simbiotic Audio label.

Disciple X is a controversial rapper looking to stir up debate. Probably the most violent Christian emcee to ever exist, he is often accused by the "religious" sector of not being loving enough. He shrugs this off and responds by saying: "Love is violent-- just look at the crucifixion!".
Disciple X is so freestyle intensive that he often remembers rhymes from his dreams when he wakes up in the morning, and later applies them to paper. Starting when he was only 11 in 1992, rhyming and freestyle have become a natural language for him.
Disciple X is the younger brother of Apostle, and Cousin of Codak. Check out the official website:

After the unexpected success of the Onra & Quetzal present Tribute album, Just Like Vibes is proud to present The Big Payback, released simultaneously on the Japanese record label Circulations. This album is born from an unsual process, thanks to Internet, because Byron and Onra never met.
Byron, 19 years old, is coming from Alabama, and plays piano since the age of 6. He discovered Onra, 26, French beatmaker from Paris, on Myspace at the end of 2005. They exchanged music files for months and start this prolific collaboration, completing over 30 songs in just 4 months. Onra is taking care of the drums patterns and Byron is handling the melodic part of the project, playing vintage electric keyboard Fender Rhodes and different synthesizers. You can tell there is a perfect alchemy between their two styles, and their first demos instantly grabbed the attention of several influent Internet DJ’s such as Benji B (BBC 1XTRA), Junior (recordbreakin), Jay Scarlett (Spacek), etc...
Half instrumental, The Big Payback invited numerous vocal guests, giving a much more accessible aspect to the music, at the same time for specialists and open to the mainstream crowd. The guests are Isis, an MC/singer from Toronto, whose group Thunderheist will surely blow worldwide real soon, new Yorker Peter Hadar, Detroit Diva Neco Redd, flutist Julien Marc, and the beatmaker/MC Dal-Gren from Paris, the other revelation from this album.
The Big Payback has also a track called “Cosmic Travelling” on the Beat Dimensions compilation, selected by Spacek’s own DJ Jay Scarlett and Cinnaman, released on Dutch label Rush Hour. This compilation presents, aside of Byron & Onra, the best in this worldwide underground scene.

Friday, August 3, 2007

This CD is a new release this year, but this has me thinking back to some older Hip-Hop. The beats and the vocals are upbeat and positive. This is a breath of fresh air that Hip-Hop needs. In a market flooded with egocentric, materialistic, braggart artists, Brown Company brings thats dope summer time style. Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood has great melodies and a happy swing to it that isnt going to appeal to the "thugs". If you liked Arrested Development, Fresh Prince, or any of the artists from the 90's era that wasnt about bling, then you really should check these cats out. They actually sound like they enjoy making music and had fun with this CD. The vocals arent awe inspiring, but fun none-the-less.

Whiskey Blanket is a group of immensely talented artists bound by music, hip-hop and an underground lifestyle. Hailing from Boulder, CO, Whiskey Blanket represents a style of hip-hop that demands more from the audience. An eclectic group, Whiskey Blanket consists of 20 year-old Steakhouse (MC, Producer, recording engineer, pianist/bassist, turntablist), 22-year-old Funny Biz (MC, beatboxer, cellist ), 22-year-old Sloppy Joe (MC, violinist). The group, which has been together since 2002, released its self-financed, independent debut album Its Warmer Down Here in the summer of 2004. Staying true to underground hip-hop business methods, Whiskey Blanket sold more than 2,000 copies directly through word of mouth. In January of 2005, the group performed its second headlining show at The Fox Theater in Boulder to a sold-out crowd of more than 800, which became the most successful local hip-hop show at the venue. The group was fortunate enough to bring in such artists as Josh Martinez, DJ Ketchup, and Anti-MC to warm-up the crowd. Whiskey Blanket has also had the privilege of playing with such artists as The Living Legends, Pigeon John, Masta Ace, Old Dirty Bastard, Coolio, Flava Flav, DJ Mike Realm, Glue, Cunning Linguists, Unknown Prophets, and many others. Whiskey Blanket has connected to its worldwide fan base by talking about truths, honesty and life. Whiskey Blanket has just finished their second album, "Credible Forces", which is available NOW at

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Leaf is a Dallas-based collaboration lead by producer Steve Wick. The debut album is the first release from Suspicious Records (a sub-label of Hive Records) which promises and delivers anxious urban prophesy for your listening pleasure.
Leaf's composer Steve Wick has been producing music for around 8 years. Previous and current side-projects include, Biogliphic, & Blunt Force Crew.
The debut album Made into Itself is a mood-sculpting masterpiece combining talent from many individuals, as well as many flavors of styles throughout... it will keep you guessing and entertained from beginning to end.
Made Into Itself is instrumental hip-hop with a grey ribbed turtleneck and a pair of dark-rimmed Brooks Brothers glasses. It's erudite and discerning, a bit standoffish but delightfully clever when you sit down and chat over a couple of import ales. A bookish vibe pervades every aspect of Leaf's music, from the way that their boom-bap drum loops crackle like the binding of a first edition Hardy doorstopper to the crinkled-brow poetry that spills over textured wave fields and loping violin.
Made Into Itself is a dirty, city night masterpiece - recalling the best moments of Massive Attack's seminal Mezzanine album, Tricky's darker compositions, and the decks-on- Ritalin compositional genius of artists like DJ Signify and DJ Shadow, this album is a must have for fans of the genre. Pushing well outside the confines of Trip Hop and experimental Hip-Hop, Leaf finds new veins coursing with beats and samples as obscure and disjointed as chinese mandolin and 70's irish folk and ties them together into a breathing, vibrant, gritty epic. Highly recommended listening for driving, fucking, or taking to a cold street at dawn.

Its listed as an "advance" but i haven't heard any voice-overs or annoying breaks in any of the songs. Sounds like a retail to me...but here it is till an "official" retail shows up...

If you've never heard of Luckyiam or the Living Legends, then you need to move out from under the rock you live and introduce yourself to Hip-Hop. This CD is as dope as his past and i encourage everyone to go out and BUY this CD. This is what we want more of in Hip-Hop. Stay away from the over commercial ghetto thug rap that is giving hip-hop a bad name. This is art in its truest form. Lyrics, as always, are on point. Beats/Production is simply superb. Living Legends have been around awhile and have always dropped pure illness. Support the real Hip-Hop artists...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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The Grand Analog Project is fronted by Odario G. Williams. Members include Darcy Ataman, Damon Mitchell, Ofield K. Williams, DJ Catalist and Arun Chaturvedi.
Backed by a rotating band of players tied together behind his new Grand Analog nameplate, Williams takes the lid off his long simmering hip-hop stew and tosses in every stylistic ingredient that has ever crossed his palate, from deep dub grooves and stoic electronic soundscapes to fuzzy, classic rock guitar riffs and sparse blues licks. Using the ever-present boom-bap as his guide, the ’Peg City representative bounces vibrantly over the tight, guitar-rooted rhythm of “Touch Your Toes,” sliding through the old-time reggae vibe of cuts like “Around This Town” and “Weekend Love” before dicing up a classic ’80s old school break on “Social Butterfly.” What’s most impressive is that nothing here seems unnatural or forced; it’s a unified collection of familiar musical elements we’ve all been blessed with at some point.

Born in Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan. Enrolled at U Mass Dartmouth in 1996, Majored in Music Composition, then moved back to Tokyo in 2003. Hes been producing and remixing several songs w/ cats like The procussions, Time Machine, Insight, Electric, Project Move, Othello from Lightheaded, Ed OG, La Melodia and many more. A member of the production team called "Martiangang" w/ DJ Real, also a member of one of the illest trios in history"ShinSight Trio" w/ Insight and DJ RYOW, and a member of Live unit"Levitatorz" w/ DJ RYOW.

Monday, July 30, 2007

"Astronomy Class is the soaring new trio made up of Ozi Batla, Sir Robbo and Chasm. Their debut album, Exit Strategy, is a hook-laden hip hop record anchored in resinous dub and reggae. Combined with resonant and searching lyrics, it is set to be one of the albums of summer.
These three prolific musicians have looked to the stars for inspiration, aiming to bring a little outer-worldliness back to hip hop. The result: an album like nothing else out there. Crafted with a yearning for the classic raw soulfulness of old funk and reggae 45s, but with feet firmly grounded in 2006, this is a unique Australian hip hop album that casts its eye galaxy-wide for guidance. Not quite Roots Manuva, Che-Fu, or The Herd – this is blend of new and old that has its own character.
Something quite special has occurred in the pairing of reggae obsessed hip hop producers Chasm and Sir Robbo (Frigid, Tooth). Their melody-rich compositions are layered with samples that reference equally the sounds of 60/70s roots reggae and Motown, as well as a thousand other well kept secrets. The meticulously crafted beats and arrangements are full of vintage organs, live horns and melodica. Holding the groove together is the talented and in-demand bass player John Maddox.
Ozi Batla, frontman for The Herd, delivers some of his strongest lyrics to date, progressing forward with some beautifully sung harmonies to surprise those only familiar with the passionate polemics of 77%. While gliding through a spectrum of topics, be they political, humorous or personal, he reveals yet more maturity and a depth of talent.
Guests on the album include Lotek (Big Dada), Hau (Koolism), Urthboy and Jane Tyrrell (The Herd), BVA (Mnemonic Ascent), Ben Ezra (ESL), Gina Mitchell (Fbi’s Basslines) and DJ Skoob. Mixed at Mike Burnham’s Tardis Studios, his vintage analogue gear has imbued Astronomy Class’ Exit Strategy with grit and authenticity that is also evident on the three dubs that are included on the album."

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Median - Medians Belief (Tuesday, August 28, 2007)
Every so often a musician comes along who uniquely captures the attention of the listener in a personal, heart-felt manner. Median, born James Livingston, has done just that. Median is part of the North Carolina based Hip-Hop crew The Justus League, which also consists of members Little Brother, The Away Team, Cesar Comanche, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Edgar Allen Flow, Chaundon and more. Median first received a tremendous amount of attention and critical acclaim in 2003 when he emerged on the Hip-Hop scene with his memorable guest appearance on Little Brother’s certified-classic debut album, The Listening. Median made an even stronger impression on the Hip-Hop community with his classic 2005 single “Comfortable” (produced by 9th Wonder) b/w “2 Sided Coin (Remix)” (produced by Khrysis), as well as his outstanding songs such as “Visionary” and “Median Alleviates the Drama (M.A.D.)” from his critically acclaimed independently-released debut EP entitled The Path to Relief EP (2005). Median has since received even more recognition from his stand-out performances and quotable verses on albums including The Foreign Exchange’s Connected, Rapper Big Pooh’s Sleepers, Kenn Starr's Starr Status and Cesar Comanche’s Squirrel And The Aces, leaving fans yearning for more material from the gifted lyricist. Now, with the recent release of his new chart-topping single "Rize" (produced by Khrysis) b/w "Love Again" (produced by Koen) & "How Big Is Your World?" (produced by 9th Wonder), as well as the forthcoming release of his debut full-length album Median's Relief, Median is well on his way to proving himself as one of Hip-Hop's brightest talents and one of Hip-Hop's future stars.

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7 tracks feat. Ellay Khule, Awol One, 2Mex, DJ Mayonnaise, L´Roneous, ...
Los Angeles based Xczircles, Aamir & Ahmuse, ESCAPE ARTISTS, have been making music since 1999. Their first release, "3D Massacre," was an underground gem, featuring artist TommyV. They followed with "Plot Against Theme," featuring 2mex, TommyV and AWOL One, which was marked by its signature dark beats and pithy lyrics. Their latest album, EA3, was released in 2005 on Beyond Space Ent. EA3 features OD/Omid, Radioinactive, Thesis Sahib, and 2mex.

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Producer Thief aka Melbourne dj gsan (Ajay McFadden). Djing for 12years - collecting records since the age of 13. This cat had some dope beats you dont want to sleep on. Those Aussies from down unda are pumping out some dope Hip-Hop these days.

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Baraka Noel is an interdisciplinary writer/performer from Wheaton, MD and a founding member of Freestyle Theater and Citizens of Sleep. He has worked in a variety of forms; including improv, sketch comedy, traditional theater, literary poetry, spoken word, and Hip Hop. Baraka's original and collaborative work has been featured at Oberlin College, Kenyon College, Tufts University, the University of MD, Miami University of Ohio; and at the Mocha Lounge in Washington, DC; Epic Arts in Berkeley, California; and Vox Pop in Brooklyn, NY. Baraka's debut album, The Mixtape Philosophies of Mushroom Black, acts as a companion piece to his one man show. It seems obvious that Baraka is an extremely literate man. He links vowels together like the best of Rakim or Nas' first record but he does it with a vocabulary that will leave Hot 97 artists reaching for their Rogets ... The music here is well above average but won't revolutionize hip-hop's sound. The lyrics however will change your perception of what intelligent hip-hop could be.

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Despite the eeriely familiar title, broken flowerpots are nowhere to be found on the cover of "Danny is Dead." The underground sensation undoubtedly has the same thing in mind that De La Soul did on their similarly titled album though, which is to distance himself from the already established cliches about the kind of hip-hop he does. Danny is already out there as "the best rapper you don't know," the underground's answer to Kanye West as both a lyricist and producer, and the architect of "Charm" - easily one of 2006's best albums. In fact "Charm" put the South Carolina native who had once seriously considered giving up on rap altogether on the short list for a Grammy, and while he didn't end up winning it certainly caused scores of people to get a late pass and check out what Danny was all about. Soon enough Danny joined the Definitive Jux crew.